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Mr. Mike Redding, Carolina Traveler TV Show - "If you're in college studying acoustical engineering (and by the way, I had to Google that to make sure I knew what I was talking about) there are a bunch of engineering jobs you could end up doing after graduation and sufficient field training.  The job you might not expect to do is forging iron.  But that's the job Alan Gilbert wanted.  Alan was in college headed for an engineering degree and realized the end of his path was a job spent looking at things and crunching data and pointing a lot.  Nowhere in that job description is designing and building something from scratch, using your own hands to fashion steel into an image that is both functional and artistic.  So, Alan quit college and walked out to his shed and started molding iron.  His decision to do so is borderline nuts, because it's a profession that is almost extinct.  You can go down to the local big box store and get some black aluminum fencing and a gate for your yard.  Why would you pay some artsy dude to forge one from iron?  The answer to that question is about the same as the reason Alan started this business:  a love for an age-old tradition that is part function and part art.  If you've been to Charleston, S.C., and walked around looking at their gates and fences, you know what I'm talking about.  We spent a day with Alan in his shop watching and learning about this skill.  He's a down-to-earth guy with a purpose in life."

Mr. Thompson, Charlotte, NC - "I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with the railing you fabricated and installed on my patio.  It looks even better than I visualized and is exactly what I needed.  The rail itself is a beautiful work of art and enhances the appearance of my house.  It is obviously very well made and I was very impressed by the competence and pleasantness of the two men who installed it.  Thank you for your complete professionalism and for a job well done by your company."

Mr. Hearn, Charlotte, NC - "The railing looks really really great.  Thanks for all the fine work and service!"

Ms. Green, Charlotte, NC - "Our rails look fantastic.  I can't believe they are already done.  The arbor looks fantastic too.  The whole job looks fantastic.  Thanks so much."

Ms. Nelson, Charlotte, NC - "Thank you!  The gate looks great!"

Ms. Shelley, Charlotte, NC - "Thanks Alan.  The gate and fence looks great!"

Mr. and Mrs. White, Charlotte, NC - "After obtaining two recommendations from an architect, checking Angie's List and looking on websites, I asked Iron Word Inc. and a competitor to propose.  From the outset I was very impressed with Alan Gilbert who is the owner of Iron Work Inc.  He has excellent design skills, was familiar with every aspect of the gates and offered many options, assured me that it would meet all aspects of the code requirements for pool gates and was outstanding to deal with from a service perspective.  Alan designed the gate and my wife and I visited his shop to finalize the details.  We are very pleased with the gate which was customized to our requirements using heavy gauge iron.  Alan is truly a craftsman and was a pleasure to work with (he is readily accessible by both email and cell phone).  While the price was more than the competition, the end result was well worth it."

Mr. Greer, Concord, NC - "Thank you.  We love the railing!"

Ms. Hoffman, Charlotte, NC - "The railings are beautiful!  Thanks for doing such a great job and being so easy to work with."

Mr. Hodgin, Concord, NC - "Please let Alan and your staff know that we are very pleased with the railing.  My wife and I both were impressed with how well everything looks and that the job was left clean."

Ms. Hanna, Charlotte, NC - "We just love the new fence.  The gate looks fantastic!"

Ms. Brown, Charlotte, NC - "The rails look wonderful!!!!!"

Mrs. Hunt, Charlotte, NC - " The work is excellent. It was so nice when I came home yesterday afternoon to have a gate that functions properly at last."

Mrs. Bridges, Charlotte, NC - "Thank you for a fine job.

Mrs. Duncan, Charlotte NC - "Thank you for a job well done. A very happy customer!!" 

Mrs. Long, Locust NC - " Thank you for making my front porch so pretty! The iron railings are just beautiful!"

Mr. Russell, Locust NC - "Tega Cay looks good. Mrs. Carpenter was happy."

 Jane, Charlotte NC - "The gate is beautiful."

Mr. Smith, Locust NC - "Thanks for a great job and superior service to keep me going."

Mrs. Thompson, Charlotte NC - "The rails look great. Thanks!"

Mrs. Miller, Charlotte NC - "Thank you so much for a job well done."

Mr. Phillips, Matthews NC - "Thank you. Very nice."

Mrs. Tidd, Concord NC - "Thank you! The railing is very nice."

Mr. Mahler, Concord NC - "The railing is beautiful and I am very happy with it."

Mr. Rehn, Charlotte NC - "It looks very sturdy!!!!! Well fabricated!"

Mrs. Norwood, Oakboro NC - "Thank you. The rails look great!"

Mr. Efird, Locust NC - "Thanks for your prompt attention to getting the rails for us. You certainly did a good job."

Mr. Hannon, Charlotte NC - "Great job! My client and I were impressed."

Mrs. Minday, Charlotte NC – “The gate is beautiful! Happy New Year.”

Mr. Rehn, Charlotte NC - "Thanks! My wife and I would like to express our great satisfaction with the sculpture. It turned out great!!!! Looks great in its new home!!

From Angie's List - "Work was done; customer would hire again in the future."

Price, Quality, Responsiveness, Punctuality, and Professionalism were all rated A.

From Angie's List - "Alan Gilbert, President, quoted, measured, and supervised the installation of the wrought iron railing. He was highly professional and an interesting individual as well. I enjoyed

getting to know him. His installation crew was efficient and courteous. He simply did business the way it is supposed to be done. We have wanted wrought iron railing since we moved in 15 years ago. And now, the railing is beautiful. This is one of those rare instances where I enjoyed parting with my money. All I can say is I phoned and phoned other wrought iron companies and even got to talk with a couple of them on the phone, to the point I thought there might be hope, but none of the other companies ever came out to quote or even look at what we needed done. Thank you Mr. Gilbert. Keep up the good work."

Price, Quality, Responsiveness, Punctuality, and Professionalism were all rated A.